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BP ISO9001 Approved Injection Raw Steroid Powders For Increase Strength , 98% Assay

BP ISO9001 Approved Injection Raw Steroid Powders For Increase Strength , 98% Assay

BP ISO9001 Approved Injection Raw Steroid Powders For Increase Strength , 98% Assay

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SR Health Tech Company
Certification: USP/BP/ISO9001
Model Number: Mixed

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: Inquiry
Price: Inquiry
Packaging Details: aluminum foil bag
Delivery Time: 7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoin
Supply Ability: 300kg per month
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Detailed Product Description
Storage:: Store At 8℃-20℃, Protect From Moisture And Light. Supply Ability:: 200-300kg/month
Appearance:: White To Yellowish-white Crystalline Powder Quality Stand: USP/BP/ISO9001
Assay:: 98% Min
High Light:

raw test powder


raw prohormone powders

The original intent of producing a testosterone compound comprised of varying sized esters is to allow for instant testosterone benefits that would be long lasting. As a matter of fact, a TRT patient can actually get benefit to his low testosterone condition with only one injection of Sustanon 250 every three to four weeks. Even so, with the mixed compound of short and long esters, the problem is later discovered; while low testosterone might be remedied, total testosterone levels would be up and down beyond appropriate means. Due to this situation, if levels are to be maintained at a more stable level, one injection every ten to fourteen days maybe more efficient, and many U.S. physicians often opt for large single ester testosterone compounds like Testosterone Cypionate.
By combining four different testosterone esters in the mix, the researchers of Sustanon 250 tried to remove the peak and trough in blood serum levels which using only the single ester would create. This created one of the best TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) steroids on the market.
Dosages and Uses:
Most bodybuilders inject anywhere from 250mg to 1,500mg per week, with 500mg to 750mg being the most common dose. Some users feel they harness the full power of the propionate ester when they inject sustanon 250 every third day. This is not necessary, as weekly injections work fine.
Performance Benefits of Sustanon:
In order to make sure the consistency in the release of testosterone from every injection, the designers of Sustanon 250 used four esters in the same oil carrier. The purpose of mixing four esters is to get a cascading effect, using the different peaks and troughs of the different ester to keep levels fairly steady. They created a somewhat perfect TRT steroid. The shorter propionate ester will peak soon by combining different lengths esters, while the mid-length esters like phenylpropionate build up, and the shorter-to-mid-length esters decline sharply; at the same time, the longer ester like decanoate is reaching its peak release.
Bulking: You can gain more lean mass as well as see your increase strength with supplementation. Further, you will do so with less body-fat accumulation that normally accompanies mass gaining phases due to the metabolic enhancing properties of testosterone,.
Cutting: when we talk about the cutting cycle, many people often think of other steroids while not Sustanon and another testosterone compound, but exogenous testosterone can be important to a successful plan. Through use, you will make sure you preserve as much lean tissue as possible while calories are restricted, and this is invaluable. When we diet, in order to lose body-fat our caloric intake must be at a deficit level; we must burn more calories than we consume in order to burn body-fat. As a result, lean tissue is often lost, but Sust will protect it, and the more lean tissue you hold onto the more fat you'll burn. Couple this with testosterones metabolic enhancing properties and you're a fat burning machine.
Overall Enhancement: regardless of your purpose of use, bulking, cutting or to simply enhance athletic performance, you will find Sustanon is one of the most versatile steroidal compounds on earth. Regardless of your purpose of use, your muscular endurance will be enhanced as will your overall rate of recovery, and those two traits alone make this a steroid worthy of consideration. When we look at all these benefits and how testosterone affects the body in its every day functional sense, the benefits of Sustanon 250 as you can see are truly vast.
with Dianabol
1. Dianabol is a testosterone derived anabolic androgenic steroid.
2. Dianabol is the testosterone hormone with an added double bond at the carbon one and two position.
3. It is an added methyl group at the 17th carbon position that allows the hormone to survive oral ingestion, called Dianabol as a C17-alpha alkylated steroid.
4. Dianabol is one of the easier anabolic steroids to understand. This steroid will largely provide its anabolic benefits by enhancing protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and glycogenolysis.
5. Nitrogen retention, this is important as all muscle tissue is comprised of approximately 16% nitrogen.
6. Enhanced glycogenolysis, we are able to make better use of our total carbohydrate consumption.
It is common to stack SU with Dbol and as most user feedback, it get a great result.
Sustanon cycles are almost always wet bulking cycles, few people will try to get lean with sustanon as a base testosterone.
Sustanon 250 Beginner/Intermediate Bulking Cycle






*ew = every week (per week)
*ed = every day (per day)

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